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Jan 30, 2020
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Windows just released a command line tool for installing software on your machine in a hassle free and secure fashion. Many users here are also Linux users and are already familiar with this type of functionality, Microsoft has finally built a native tool that users can use instead of using a third party tool like Chocolatey for installing and deploying software. Please read some excerpts below from Microsoft. I have tried the tool myself and it works flawlessly.

If you’re already familiar with what a package manager is, feel free to skip this paragraph. If you’re still reading, you’re going to love this! A package manager is designed to help you save time and frustration. Essentially, it is a set of software tools that help you automate the process of getting software on your machine. You specify which apps you want installed, and it does the work of finding the latest version (or the exact one you specified) and installing it on your machine.

Just about every developer has wanted a native package manager in Windows. That day is finally here. You are going to be able to winget install your way to bliss. One of the best parts is that it is open source. I had to pinch myself when I was able to winget install terminal, and then winget install powershell, and then winget install powertoys. You get the idea, and If you do not see an app you use, just create a new manifest, and submit a pull request.

What functionality is included?

You can install any app with a valid manifest (even local ones -- manifest). The command line client “winget.exe” is already pre-configured to point to the Microsoft community repository. That means you can install any package with a manifest that has been published.

Have you ever had to completely re-install all your apps and tools on your PC? How long did it take? How did you remember where to go to find, download, and install all your editors & IDEs, languages & runtimes, source control tools, etc.?
Did you enjoy it? Yeah, neither did we … which is why we created Windows Package Manager.
Now you can install all your favorite apps & tools simply by typing winget install <foo> into your command-line. Or better still, you can create a script file that installs ALL your tools while you sit back enjoy a well-earned coffee break!”

You can search for available packages and display information using the show command. There are also commands to help with manifest creation and validation (hash and validate). Once the first third-party repository is published, you will be able to add that repository as a source as well. We’re providing documentation at and both of the GitHub repositories.

You can install the tool by visiting the github release page. Just search for | Windows Package Manager v0.1.41331 Preview

Click spoiler to see all available packages as of now.

7Zip 7zip.7zip 19.0.0
CutePDF Writer AcroSoftware.CutePDFWriter
GraphiQL AdamMiskiewicz.GraphiQL 0.7.2
AdobeDigitalEditions Adobe.AdobeDigitalEditions 4.5.11
Brackets Adobe.Brackets 1.14.2
AdoptOpenJDK (x64) AdoptOpenJDK.OpenJDK 8.0.252
File Converter (64 bit) AdrianAllard.FileConverter 1.2.3
Cerebro AlexandrSubbotin.Cerebro 0.3.2
AWS Command Line Interface v2 Amazon.AWSCLI 2.0
Kindle Amazon.Kindle 1.25.52064
Ferdi AmineMouafik.Ferdi 5.5.0
Anki Anki.Anki 2.1.26
AntiMicro AntiMicro.AntiMicro 2.23
Arduino IDE Arduino.Arduino 1.8.12
GitKraken Axosoft.GitKraken 6.5.4
Etcher Balena.Etcher 1.5.88
BitPay BitPay.BitPay 4.8.1
Bitwarden Bitwarden.Bitwarden 1.17.2
BlueJeans BlueJeans.BlueJeans 2.19.791.0
Bluefish Bluefish.Bluefish 2.2.11
Bravelaptopanddesktopbrowser BraveSoftware.Bravelaptopanddesktopbrowser 0.25.2
Ubuntu 18.04 Canonical.Ubuntu 18.04
Advanced Installer Caphyon.AdvancedInstaller
Hover Caphyon.Hover
Premium Markdown Editor Caret.Caret 3.4.6
Kaku Chia-Lung.Kaku 2.0.2
Lightscreen ChristianKaiser.Lightscreen 2.4
CozyDrive CozyCloud.CozyDrive 3.20.0
Cryptomator Cryptomator.Cryptomator 1.5.4
Barrier DebaucheeOpenSourceGroup.Barrier 2.3.2
Dopamine Digimezzo.Dopamine 2.0.1
MaxTo DigitalCreations.MaxTo 2.0.1
TeamOS Chat is Best TeamOS Chat is Best.TeamOS Chat is Best 0.0.306
Dixa Dixa.Dixa 3.5.5
DockStation DockStation.DockStation 1.5.1
DockerDesktop Docker.DockerDesktop
KeePass DominikReichl.KeePass
Dropbox Dropbox.Dropbox 94.4.384
ImageGlass DuongDieuPhap.ImageGlass
Winlogbeat Elastic.Winlogbeat 7.7.0
Electron Fiddle ElectronCommunity.ElectronFiddle 0.14.0
Epic Games Launcher EpicGames.EpicGamesLauncher 10.15.2
Esteem Esteem.Esteem 2.2.7
EarTrumpet File-New-Project.EarTrumpet
FreeCAD FreeCAD.FreeCAD 0.18.4
Geany Geany.Geany 1.36
Caption GielCobben.Caption 2.0.1
GIMP Gimp.Gimp 2.10.0
peazip Giorgiotani.Peazip 7.2.1
Git Git.Git 2.26.2
Git Extensions GitExtensionsTeam.GitExtensions 3.3.1
Atom GitHub.Atom 1.45.0
GitHub Desktop GitHub.GitHubDesktop 2.4.3
Git Large File Storage GitHub.GitLFS 2.11.0
GitHub CLI GitHub.cli 0.8.0
Glimpse Glimpse.Glimpse 0.1.2
Chrome Google.Chrome 78.0.39...
GraphQL Playground Graphcool.GraphQLPlayground 1.8.10
Greenshot Greenshot.Greenshot
Inkscape Inkscape.Inkscape 1.0.0
Insomnia Insomnia.Insomnia
TreeSize JAMSoftware.TreeSize 7.1.5
Draw JGraph.Draw 13.0.3
InnoSetup JRSoftware.InnoSetup 6.0.4
Appium JSFoundation.Appium 1.15.1
Julia Julialang.Julia 1.4.1
CMake Kitware.CMake 3.17.2
Joplin LaurentCozic.Joplin 1.0.201
Laragon LeNgocKhoa.Laragon 4.0.15
LibreOffice LibreOffice.LibreOffice 6.4.3
Lisk Hub LiskFoundation.LiskHub 1.22.0
LastPass LogMeIn.LastPass
Logitech Harmony Remote Logitech.Harmony
Clink MRidgers.Clink 1.0.0
MSIX Hero MarcinOtorowski.MSIXHero
Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser Maxthon.Maxthon5
AppInstallerFileBuilder Microsoft.AppInstallerFileBuilder 1.2020....
Azure CLI Microsoft.AzureCLI 2.6.0
Azure Cosmos Emulator Microsoft.AzureCosmosEmulator 2.9.2
Azure Data Studio Microsoft.AzureDataStudio 1.15.0
Azure Storage Emulator Microsoft.AzureStorageEmulator 5.10.19...
Azure Storage Explorer Microsoft.AzureStorageExplorer 1.13.1
Bot Framework Emulator Microsoft.BotFrameworkEmulator 4.8.1
ConfigMgrToolkit Microsoft.ConfigMgrToolkit 5.00.79...
MicrosoftGitCredentialMana... Microsoft.GitCredentialManagerforWindows 1.20.0
Microsoft Garage Mouse wit... Microsoft.MouseWithoutBorder 6.5.8
PowerBI Desktop Microsoft.PowerBI 2.81.58...
PowerToys Microsoft.PowerToys 0.18.0
Powershell Microsoft.Powershell 7.0.1
SQL Server Management Studio Microsoft.SQLServerManagementStudio 18.5
Microsoft Teams Microsoft.Teams
Visual Studio Community Microsoft.VisualStudio.Community 16.0.30...
Visual Studio Enterprise Microsoft.VisualStudio.Enterprise 16.0.30...
Visual Studio Professional Microsoft.VisualStudio.Professional 16.0.30...
Visual Studio Code Microsoft.VisualStudioCode 1.44.2
Windows Admin Center Microsoft.WindowsAdminCenter 1.2.198...
Windows SDK Microsoft.WindowsSDK 10.0.19...
Windows Terminal Microsoft.WindowsTerminal 1.0.1401.0
.Net Framework Microsoft.dotNetFramework 4.7.1
.NET Core Microsoft.dotnet 3.1.202
Firefox Mozilla.Firefox 75.0
Beatdrop NathanielJohns.Beatdrop 2.6.2
ScreenToGif NickeManarin.ScreenToGif 2.24.2
Notepad++ Notepad++.Notepad++ 7.8.6
Notion Notion.Notion 2.0.8
OBS Studio OBSProject.OBSStudio 25.0.8
Node.js OpenJS.Nodejs 14.3.0
OpenVPN OpenVPNTechnologies.OpenVPN 2.4.9
Opera Opera.Opera 68.0.36...
MySQL Oracle.MySQL 8.0.20
PDFsam PDFsam.PDFsam 4.1.3
Beaker Browser PaulFrazee.BeakerBrowser 0.8.10
AdvancedRestClient PawelPsztyc.AdvancedRestClient 15.0.5
Defraggler Piriform.Defraggler 2.22.995
Recuva Piriform.Recuva 1.53.1087
Speccy Piriform.Speccy 1.32.740
CCleaner PiriformSoftware.CCleaner 5.66.0....
Postman Postman.Postman 7.24.0
Python Python.Python 3.8.3
WinRAR RARLab.WinRAR 5.90
RStudio Desktop RStudio.RStudio 1.2.5042
VNCViewer RealVNC.VNCViewer 6.0.0
CemUI RedDucks.CemUI 2.3.3
Ruby RubyInstallerTeam.Ruby 2.7.1
Ruby RubyInstallerTeam.RubyWithDevKit
Rufus Rufus.Rufus 3.10
CaesiumPH SaeraSoft.CaesiumPH 0.9.5
Google Play Music Desktop ... SamuelAttard.GooglePlayMusicDesktopPlayer 4.7.1
Beyond Compare 4 ScooterSoftware.BeyondCompare4
ShareX ShareX.ShareX 13.1.0
Putty SimonTatham.Putty 0.73
Slack SlackTechnologies.Slack 4.5.1
HackFonts SourceFoundry.HackFonts 1.6.0
SpeedCrunch SpeedCrunch.SpeedCrunch 0.12
Spotify Spotify.Spotify
Franz StefanMalzner.Franz 5.5.0
Strawberry Perl StrawberryPerl.StrawberryPerl
Sublime Merge SublimeHQ.SublimeMerge 1119
Sublime Text SublimeHQ.SublimeText 3.2.2
Lidarr TeamLidarr.Lidarr 0.7.1
Telegram Desktop Telegram.TelegramDesktop 2.1.6
Tencent WeChat Tencent.WeChat
Filezilla Client TimKosse.FilezillaClient 3.48.0
TranslucentTB TranslucentTB.TranslucentTB
Electorrent Tympanix.Electorrent
BOINC UCBerkeley.BOINC 7.16.5
Cura Ultimaker.Cura 4.6.0
UniFi Network Controller f... Unifi.Controller 5.12.66
Steam Valve.Steam
VLC media player Videolan.Vlc 3.0.10
Harmony VincentL.Harmony 0.9.1
Ghostwriter WereTurtle.Ghostwriter 1.7.1
WhatsApp WhatsApp.WhatsApp 2.2019.8
WinSCP WinSCP.WinSCP 5.17.5
Wireshark WiresharkFoundation.Wireshark 3.2.2
Yarn Yarn.Yarn 1.22.4
Hyper Zeit.Hyper
Zoom Zoom.Zoom 5.0.3
calibre calibre.calibre 4.16.0
Evernote evernote.evernote 6.24.2....
GIMP gimp.gimp 2.10.18
Gpg4win gnupg.Gpg4win 3.1.11
PresenceLight isaaclevin.presencelight 2.0.1
qBittorrent qBittorrent.qBittorrent 4.2.5
vim vim.vim 8.2.0754