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Direct Windows 7 SP1 AIO (x86/x64) Game Support March 2020 Multilingual Preactivated



Windows x86/x64 | Languages:English,French,Arabic | File Size: 5.8 GB
use of versions of other users due to reliable versions of the groups; however, after the adoption of the SOPA / PIPA laws in the House of Representatives, the groups that had until then been perfect copies And did not continue to do so without any manipulation of the updated windows; hence, other people became more serious in this segment, and now we are seeing the release of high-quality versions of Windows 7 (Windows 7).
NET Framework 4.8
DirectX runtime 2010
Adobe Flash Player Activex
Microsort Game for Windows Marktplace
Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Readistributable
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Readistributable
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Readistributable
Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Readistributable
Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Readistributable
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.0
Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1
Microsoft Security Essentials
All Usb3 Drivers

List of windows editions available for installation:
Windows 7 Starter SP1 (x86)
Windows 7 Home Bsic SP1 (x86/x64)
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (x86/x64)
Windows 7 Professional SP1 (x86/x64)
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x86/x64)
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 (x86/x64)

Whats New:
-Added KB4528069-x86-x64, KB4538483-x86-x64 and KurwicaSLC for the full operation of Windows Update
-Added KB4540688-x86-x64 with disabling telemetry and processor verification (replaces KB4537820-x86-x64)
-Added KB4550735-x86-x64 (replace KB4537829-x86-x64)
-Certificate renewal similar to KB931125 and KB2917500 for March 2020