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THE 0x80070002 ERROR

This little event occurred on one of our new laptops just recently when trying to install updates and the newest update from Microsoft.
Googled and came up with this workable solution. Should work for other updates also when you get this error. This was done on
Window 10 Pro x64 Build 2004 19041.488 . Remember, all computers have different configurations. These are just a general guideline alright?
Don't know about Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Someone can try it and report their findings here if they want.
We honestly don't know if it'll work for those OS's. Do so at your own risk!

Let's Begin:

While there might be other solutions such as using System Restore points prior to attempting the updates and then trying again, this is for the correction
of completion of installing them with this specific yet common error code. Help us to understand alternatives. Lots of geniuses here. :)

While updating windows, it is possible to receive the 0x80070002 Error. As a result the update process will not be completed, and your computer
will not be able to transmit files. The reason for your computer receiving the 0x80070002 Error is due to it not having all of the files that should have
been transmitted when updating your software. This is an initialization error that occurs after files have been downloaded, and extracted to the computer.
Actually, a rather common situation for some people.


Try these 3 steps first:
1. Reset your router by turning it off (un-plugging it) for approx. 30 seconds,
turn on, reboot PC. Try Windows Updates again.
2. Did you try updating the network adapter?
3. Are you using wired/wireless network connection?

***Update router and adapter firmware***

Your router or network adapter might need a firmware upgrade, especially if you're only able to connect using WEP security or no security.
Firmware is the software that is embedded in a hardware device and controls how the device interacts with the operating system.

Download a firmware upgrade from the router or adapter manufacturer’s website and apply it, following the directions on the website or with the downloaded file.
You might even find it here onsite in one of the many excellent driver applications available here by the uploaders of this community. This solves the problem most
of the time. If not, try the steps below.

***How to Fix the Error Manually***

To fix the error manually, it will be necessary to remove all of the files partially downloaded, and try again to update your Windows files.

1. On the Windows desktop, press Windows logo+R, and when the menu opens up,

2. Input the following command services.msc

3. In the Run box, type services.msc, and press "Enter".

4. This will open the "Local Services" window.

5. In the Local Services window find the name “Automatic Updates” or if not there, "Windows Updates"and right click.

6. On right click, on drop down press “Stop”. This will cause the Automatic Updates (or Windows Updates) to pause to correct the situation. Do NOT close the Local Services window.

At this point you can go to the "Software Distribution" folder and delete its contents, or give the folder another name. It is advised that you just rename the folder,

7. On the Windows desktop, press Windows logo+R, and when the menu opens up, (how to open Run window is your choice)

8. This will NOT be an elevated Command Prompt. Input the “cmd” command into Run, press Enter . and the computer will take you to the DOS prompt.

9. At the DOS prompt type in this command “cd %windir%” (without the quotes), and press Enter.

10. You should now be in the Windows directory.

11. At the Windows directory, input “ren SoftwareDistribution (space between them) SoftDisTemp” (without quotes) and hit "Enter". . This will rename the Software Distribution folder to the new name of SoftDisTemp.

12. Type "Exit" and hit "Enter" to close the DOS window.

13. Now go back to the "Local Services" window and right click "Automatic Updates" (or Windows Updates if that's the one you had to use) to restart it. Click Start on the drop down. Close Local Services.

14. Try updating Windows files again.

After carefully following these steps, we were then able to easily update the laptop with the current Microsoft updates. If this procedure fails,
try and make sure all your drivers are correctly updated, resetting router / modem, reboot PC, then try it again. If it still fails, all we can suggest
is to Google Search for additional help. But these steps work 98% of the time for the 0x80070002 error. (There's always that darn 2% trouble) Good Luck!