Direct StartIsBack AiO version 1.0.25 (Repack) + 385 Start Menu Orbs


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StartIsBack all in one (AiO) is a useful utility application that gives a user the possibility of assigning the familiar Start Menu button interface from Windows 7 to Windows 8, 8.1, or 10. It packs a few configuration settings that can be handled by users of any level of experience.

Unlike other similar apps that return the old Start menu and button, the side menu of StartIsBack is transparent and highlights every new program in the list. When it comes to functionality, StartIsBack integrates some useful features. For instance, if a user searches the computer for a new item, this is instantly shown in the results area (if it was previously indexed by Windows).

StartIsBack is highly configurable and has a multitude of options. These concern the Start menu items and behavior (e.g., display My Computer as a link, hide Default Programs and Device and Printers), appearance (e.g., disable taskbar translucency, hide the Start button) and switching rules (e.g. show the desktop when logging onto the PC, switch to the last used application when clicking the Start screen).

Other options refer to uncluttering items in the Start screen (by renaming the Start screen to "Apps" and by keeping only the modern apps in that location), the advanced system commands menu (combine the Start button context menu with the one of the Start screens) and Windows tweaks (e.g., store and display recently opened programs). Furthermore, the user can disable StartIsBack for the current user.

StartIsBack does not put a strain on the computer's overall performance, as it uses a pretty low amount of CPU and system memory. It is pretty responsive to keystrokes and mouse commands. Thanks to its intuitive yet rich features, the application should please users of all skill levels.

Key features:

  • Launch frequently used programs;
  • Open documents;
  • Find particular files;
  • Go to system places in one click;
  • Easily shut down the system;
  • Feel at home with new Windows;
  • Fine-tune taskbar color;
  • Add taskbar translucency with a blur;
  • Show live badges for modern apps;
  • Restore larger taskbar icons;
  • Reduce OS resource usage.

OS: Microsoft Windows 10.

Repack features:
1. The repack distribute three following version:

  • StartIsBack version 2.1.2 for Windows 8;
  • StartIsBack+ version 1.7.6 for Windows 8.1 (Fully working Pin to start menu);
  • StartIsBack++ version 2.9.7 Final for Windows 10.
2. Activation/registration treatments is not required (already activated);
3. Automatic detection of the Windows version (Fixed bug on Windows 8.1);
4. Added extra Start button images (40 pieces);
5. Ability to import settings from "settings.reg" (need to be located close to the installer).

1. Run the executable file or command-line interpreter program for silent installation;
2. Kindly read the "Readme.txt" file how to insert Orbpack (+ 385 orbs);
3. Enjoy!