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RazorSQL is an SQL query tool, database browser, SQL editor, and database administration tool for Windows, macOS, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris.

RazorSQL has been tested on over 40 databases, can connect to databases via either JDBC or ODBC, and includes support for the following databases:

RazorSQL Highlights

Database Browser
Database Browser
SQL Editor
SQL Editor
Browse database objects such as schemas, tables, columns, primary and foreign keys, views, indexes, procedures, functions, and more.Edit SQL scripts. Run SQL queries. Auto column and auto table lookup. Uses the powerful code editor that supports over 20 programming languages including SQL, PL/SQL, TransactSQL, SQL PL, HTML, Java, XML, and more.

Database Tools
Database Tools
Database Query Tool
Database Query Tool
Visual tools to create, alter, describe, execute, and drop database objects such as tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, functions, triggers, and more.Includes multi-tabular display of queries with options for filtering, sorting, searching, and much more.

Import Data
Import Data
Export Data
Export Data
Import data from various formats such as delimited files, Excel spreadsheets, and fixed-width files.Export data in various formats such as delimited files, XML, HTML, Excel spreadsheets, JSON, and SQL insert statements.

SQL Query Builder

Built-in Database
Built-in Database
Create select, insert, update, and delete SQL statements. Create multi-table joins.Includes a robust relational database (HSQLDB) that is up and running with no manual configuration out of the box.

Table Editor
Edit Table Tool
Data Compare
Data Compare
Insert, update, and delete table data in a spreadsheet like format. Find and replace data, preview generated SQL, and more.Compare table data across databases, or compare the results of queries.

Additional Information
RazorSQL is a software application that provides both easy to use visual tools and advanced features to allow users to do database browsing, editing, management, administration, and programming. Browse the database specific features or the complete feature reference.

  • A Database Navigator for browsing database objects.
  • An SQL Editor for creating SQL queries.
  • Visual tools for creating, editing, dropping, describing, altering, and viewing tables, views, indexes, and sequences
  • Database Management Tools
  • Visual Tools for creating, editing, dropping, and executing stored procedures, functions, and triggers
  • A robust programming editor that embeds the powerful EditRocket code editor that supports 20 programming languages including SQL, PL/SQL, TransactSQL, SQL PL, HTML, XML, and more.
  • Export Tool - Export data in various formats
  • Import Tool - Import data from delimited files, Excel files, or fixed width files into tables
  • Ships with a built-in relational database engine (HSQLDB) that is up and running out of the box and requires no end-user administration
  • A Generate DDL Tool for generating table, view, and index DDL.
  • Table / SQL Query Compare tool for comparing tables or queries across multiple connections
  • Database Data Search tool for searching single or multiple database table and view data.
  • Database Object Search tool for searching for database objects.
  • Backup tools such as the Database Backup Tool and Table Backup Tool
  • Database conversion tools for many popular databases such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL Server, and MS Access.
  • Auto column and auto table lookup
  • SQL Formatter
  • SQL Query builder tool
  • SQL Query Scheduler tool
  • Command Line Interface
  • PHP Bridges for connecting to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases remotely via PHP enabled web servers
  • An ASP bridge for connecting to MS SQL Server databases remotely via ASP enabled web servers
  • SQL GUI Tools for generating SQL for various operations
  • Edit, delete, and insert database data with the Database Editor
  • Works with all major operating systems including Windows, macOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, and any other Java enabled OS
  • Tested with Apache Cassandra, Apache Derby / JavaDB, Apache Hive, Daffodil DB, DB2, DBASE, Druid, DynamoDB, Firebird, FrontBase, H2, HSQLDB / HyperSQL, Informix, Ingres, Interbase, Mckoi, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Mimer SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Netezza, OpenBase, Oracle, Pervasive, Pointbase, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Salesforce, SimpleDB, Solid, SQLite, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Teradata, and VoltDB

RazorSQL Updates / Change Log
9.1.1 Change Log (Released 05/04/2020)


  • Added a Tools -> URL Encoder tool
  • Added a Tools -> URL Decoder tool
  • Database Object Search: View Contents on a column name now scrolls to and selects the first row in that column in the query results
  • Amazon Athena: Added the ability to generate DDL for views
  • Amazon Athena Database Browser: Object types are now set to Tables and Views. Tables are listed in Tables section and Views are listed in Views section
  • Amazon Athena: Generate Table DDL now uses output from the show create table command
Bug Fixes
  • Athena Database Browser: View Contents -> Limit Results options not working
  • Mac: Two browser tabs display when clicking connection help off of WizardAdd



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SHA1: A58FA3373E3FC2AA2409CB69DDA9CB8AE9C719AD
BLAKE2sp: 92245548CD93F7EAAA8CE7D1BC77FC457BCA29A8E678B6AF8D815F1A62037F0D

To install, download and unzip razorsql<version> Open a terminal window. Navigate to the directory where you unzipped the file and then to the razorsql<version> directory.

Launch the shell script:

sh (you may need to execute a chmod on before launching -- chmod 755

Setup from official site:



Credits and special thanks to DVT for Keygen

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