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RedCrab is an excellent technical application. Please note that the calculator does not require installation, you will not need to install any additional extensions either, just run the executable file and you can immediately get to work. You can write RedCrab to any USB device and then run the program from there, and no traces will be left in the system, in general, one hundred percent portability and ease of operation, I think the calculator can come in handy for many to work with.
The program can also quickly process basic functions like a real calculator. If you know how to work with a calculator, then you can work with RedCrab without any problems, so worry about the fact that you can’t figure it out, it’s not worth it, everything is very simple. In the archive you can find a special guide, after reading which you will understand how to hammer in complex formulas that cannot be hammered into a regular calculator. I would like to note a rather pleasant interface, it really does not have Russian support, but I have written more than once about convenience, so I don’t need to write that it is simply necessary here, I think just the opposite.
RedCrab is a full-featured calculator that can fully utilize the features of a personal computer. The first plus is the ease of use, the second plus is the ability to score very complex mathematical formulas, and I will not list further, as I mentioned more than once in the review. In general, I have nothing more to write about the product, I liked it, there is simply no need to use it, of course it could come in handy at one time. As always, please do not forget to express in the comments what you think about RedCrab.