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Create comprehensive diagrams with no more than a few mouse clicks and some simple drag and drop actions with the help of this easy to use app
When it comes to brainstorming or organizing complex plans, there is no doubt that charts and diagrams are best suited for the job.

MyDraw is a user-friendly piece of software designed from the ground up to help you build complex diagrams. Not only this but it is well equipped for designing flowcharts, family trees, UML diagrams, hierarchy charts, mind maps, network diagrams, flyers, certificates, business diagrams and organizational charts.

Straightforward diagram builder
Before you can get started, please note that the application requires .NET Framework in order to function properly. Other than that, the utility undergoes a seamless installation process subsequent to which you can start working with it right away, no other actions required.

Upon first launching MyDraw, you are welcomed by the list of available templates, which you can customize to create your own diagram. As expected, building a new diagram from scratch is also possible. After selecting the desired diagram type, you are met by a detail-rich main window and a streamlined interface. The element that most stands out is the app's ribbon toolbar that does a very good job at providing you with quick access to its functions, all while not overcrowding the workspace too much.

Design various types of charts and diagrams with the help of this intuitive app
Looks aside, working with the app is by no means difficult, as you basically only need to drag and drop the elements from the list onto the drawing board. As expected, you get a plethora of elements to play with, such as shapes, connectors and other brainstorming-related components.

Customizing and editing the shapes to fit your needs turns out to be accomplished quite easily, since all the elements are quite interactive. In order to speed everything up and keep things as simple as possible, you can take advantage of some neat features like snap and glue or shape protection.

Draw, edit, export and print diagrams with no more than a few clicks
Once you are happy with the results, you can save your projects as PDFs, raster or vector images. Almost no need to mention that you can also print your diagrams and select the page's size, margins, layout and more.

All in all, MyDraw may not be the most stylish diagram designer out there, but it more than makes up for this with its comprehensive collection of drawing elements, interactive features, easy workflow and a very usable interface.

• File: MyDrawPortable_4.3.0_Multilingual.exe
• Size: 61.0 MB (6,39,98,011 bytes)
• MD5: 4e705e42b2016524b3edd8a1d0b9cf52
• SHA-1: b3bc94e853227cf42d435a7ea1bc66d89bd5192a
• SHA-256: faa6187d7102fc87db8a946548d3c893b3d39a1280a65180e3cef5323aeb150f

• Run self extract then run the program from portable folder

Original Software Developers, JooSeng
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