PDF/Epub Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory for Web Applications (Developer Reference) [True PDF]


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Modern Authentication with Azure Active Directory for Web Applications (Developer Reference) [True PDF]

English | 2016 | ISBN-13: 978-0735696945 | 336 Pages | True PDF | 23.52 MB

Build advanced authentication solutions for any cloud or web environment

Active Directory has been transformed to reflect the cloud revolution, modern protocols, and today’s newest SaaS paradigms. This is an authoritative, deep-dive guide to building Active Directory authentication solutions for these new environments. Author Vittorio Bertocci drove these technologies from initial concept to general availability, playing key roles in everything from technical design to documentation. In this book, he delivers comprehensive guidance for building complete solutions. For each app type, Bertocci presents high-level scenarios and quick implementation steps, illuminates key concepts in greater depth, and helps you refine your solution to improve performance and reliability. He helps you make sense of highly abstract architectural diagrams and nitty-gritty protocol and implementation details. This is the book for people motivated to become experts.

Active Directory Program Manager Vittorio Bertocci shows you how to:

Address authentication challenges in the cloud or on-premises
Systematically protect apps with Azure AD and AD Federation Services
Power sign-in flows with OpenID Connect, Azure AD, and AD libraries
Make the most of OpenID Connect’s middleware and supporting classes
Work with the Azure AD representation of apps and their relationships
Provide fine-grained app access control via roles, groups, and permissions
Consume and expose Web APIs protected by Azure AD
Understand new authentication protocols without reading complex spec documents