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Direct Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise | Professional | Community 16.5.0


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Visual Studio 2019 is an integrated development environment with a wide range of opportunities to create amazing applications for Windows, Android and iOS, as well as modern web applications and cloud services. Visual Studio is available in three editions: free Community Edition, which combines all Express versions, and paid Professional Edition for small projects and Enterprise Edition for large projects. Today the Visual Studio tool family contains an IDE, a collaboration service - Visual Studio Team Services, its on-premise version known as TFS, a comprehensive solution for implementing the full cycle of mobile application development - Visual Studio Mobile Center, a cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor (available for Mac, Linux and Windows), as well as a preview version of Visual Studio for Mac. With each version of the tools Microsoft tries to take into account the developers' wishes and make them more convenient for creating applications for almost any platform. The result is huge interest and over 21 million installations of the tool today.

Size : 30 GB | License: Patch

New features of Visual Studio 2019:
New launch window. The first thing you will notice when opening Visual Studio 2019 is a new launch window. The new launch window allows you to clone or extract code, open a project or solution, open a local folder or create a new project. These capabilities, presented in the form of a simple dialog window, help both beginners and experienced Visual Studio users to quickly go to the code.
Better search. The new search interface, previously called "Quick Start", has become faster and more efficient. Now search results are displayed dynamically when entering a query. Search results include keyboard shortcuts for commands, making them easy to remember for future use. The new search feature makes it easy to search for commands, parameters, documentation and many other useful things.
Clear the code with a single click. The new document performance indicator has been updated with a new code cleaning command. This new command can be used to define and eliminate warnings and suggestions with a single click. The cleanup function will perform code formatting and apply corrections according to current parameters, editorconfig files or Roslyn analyzers.
Improvements to the debugger. Search in check values window and format check values
You may have had to look for one line from the value set in the check value window. In Visual Studio 2019 we added search in the "Check Values", "Local" and "Visible" windows to help you find the necessary objects and values faster.
You can also choose the format of displaying the value in the "Check Values", "Local" and "Visible" windows. Double-click one of the elements in any window and add a comma (",") to access the format specifiers drop-down list, each of which includes a description of the expected result.
Visual Studio Live Share. Visual Studio Live Share is a service for developers that allows you to provide a code base and corresponding context to your colleague and provide bidirectional interaction directly from Visual Studio environment. Thanks to Live Share, a colleague can easily and safely view, modify and debug a project you have provided for sharing. In Visual Studio 2019 this service is installed by default.
Support of modern application development
- Management of traction requests in an integrated development environment. We present a new extension that can be downloaded for use in Visual Studio 2019. With this new extension you can view, launch and even debug pull-out requests without leaving Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE). At the moment, the code is supported in Azure repositories, but we intend to implement GitHub support and increase overall efficiency.
- Development with .NET Core 3 (preliminary version). The preliminary version of Visual Studio 2019 supports creation of .NET Core 3 applications for any platform. We will continue to expand support and improve cross-platform C++ development capabilities, as well as development of .NET mobile applications for iOS and Android using Xamarin.
Continuous innovation
- Horizontal drafting that takes into account monitor parameters (PMA). If you are using monitors with different zoom ratios, or if you connect remotely to a computer whose zoom ratios are different from the main device, you may notice that Visual Studio's image looks blurry or is displayed at an incorrect scale.
- In Visual Studio 2019 release we are taking the first steps towards implementation in Visual Studio of drawing that takes into account monitor parameters (PMA). We have laid the foundation that will allow Visual Studio to perform drawing correctly regardless of the display scaling factors used.
- Visual Studio IntelliCode. Visual Studio IntelliCode is an extension that increases efficiency of software development with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). To create recommendations IntelliCode analyzes 2000 projects with open source code on GitHub (- each of which
has over 100 stars...)

Requires a 2.6 GHz or faster processor. Quad core or better recommended. Requires 4 GB of RAM or higher for load generation. Requires 10 GB of hard disk space.

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