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Direct iTunes (repack by Elchupacabra)



is a free player that allows you to not only listen to your favorite songs, but also record your own music discs.
In addition to playing songs, it provides the ability to create “smart” playlists that are based on user preferences, allows you to connect to the Audible.com music database, exchange data with your iPod’s pocket computer, and can record regular audio discs that can be played on computers Mac or PC, as well as in a regular CD player or using a home audio system.

1. Combined versions of the program in one distribution (x86 / x64)
2. Uninstalled Apple * Software Update application from the installer
3. Optional installation of Bonjour application (disabled by default) * *
4. Disabled automatic updating of iTunes using parental controls and lock settings
5. Several installation tweaks:
- do not make iTunes the default program for audio discs and various types of audio files
- Do not create a scheduled task to automatically find iTunes updates
- do not try to reactivate the Windows autorun function for CDs)
6. Ability to import settings from settings.reg and autocopy user settings files com.apple.iTunes.plist, com.apple.iTunes.eq.plist, com.apple.apsd.plist in % APPDATA% \ Apple Computer \ Preferences (if are next to the installer)

At the first start, the program may ONCE "swear" at the absence of the Bonjour application if you do not choose to install it.

* Apple Software Update - Apple software that installs the latest version of Apple software. Software Updates automatically informs users of new updates.

* * Bonjour application was developed by Apple for the corporate sector, and therefore the program is unknown to ordinary computer users. It is necessary to create a single local network between devices capable of supporting this protocol.
This may be required in order to:
- Synchronize various data between devices: shared bookmarks in the Safari browser, photos via the iPhoto service or music using iTunes;
- Remotely quickly update the software of wireless devices such as AirPort Express (Extreme), Time Capsule and others with protocol support;
- Transmit between devices information about other devices on the local network .bonjour (SPION ???)

Archive size: 359.27 MB

Extract from archive then install