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A complement to your file management suite, UltraCompare Professional is loaded with features to enable you to compare text files and folders, as well as zip files and jar archives. Text file compare features include binary and text compare of two or three text files at a time, with the ability to merge text differences between compared files. Folder compare supports comparison of local/network directories (and subdirectories with recursive folder compare) and zip file compare as well, and like text/binary compare, you can merge differences between compared directories. With automatic integration with UltraEdit or UEStudio, UltraCompare Professional is a compare tool you should not be without!
A powerful program has been updated, the main purpose of which is to compare and find differences in documents, you can still simply edit text files. The application can work both with documents and find the difference between different files, entire folders or even ZIp archives.
When comparing files, you can specify all the parameters you are interested in, for example, you can simply compare by text, or by binary code, which may be quite useful to someone. Do not forget that UltraCompare can easily work through the command line; if you wish, you can specify fragments that should be ignored when comparing files. After starting the scanning of files, you will see a status bar in which all the necessary information will be displayed, in which you can view a block with differences.
UltraCompare has a powerful folder comparison mode, this became possible due to the recursive technology, all directories and subdirectories will be checked at the time of difference. First of all, the product was developed for programmers and system administrators, because they often deal with different documents, not small, and sometimes it is useful to find differences. UltraCompare has a built-in Ftp manager, you can connect not only with local folders. The search system in the program is worked out to the maximum, it is very powerful and searches excellently, there is also extended support for UNICODE, if you are a programmer, you can appreciate the macro commands. Summing up, I would like to write that the program is good for everyone, but there is no Russian support, although on the other hand, if you are a programmer or administrator
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