Tutorial How To Make A Silent Software with MSI Wrapper


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Required Software to Do This:

1- Universal Silent Switch Finder
2- MSI Wrapper
Software Links Are Given Below

Step 1:
find silent switch of software with Universal Silent Switch Finder. image given below
open ''Universal Silent Switch Finder'' select a file or software that you want to make silent

Automatically information generated by ''Universal Silent Switch Finder'' and silent switch is appeared on it. image is given bellow how you find it.

Step 2:

open ''MSI Wrapper'' and ignore this massage or popup and click continue if appeared.

ii. after clicking on continue MSI Wrapper is open like this, and click next to go on

iii. select software or file that you want to make silent and select a location where you want to save this file as a silent. all steps are given in screenshot

iv. Click next after selecting, saving output file. this is appear but you click next to go the next step

v. after select these that is shown in screenshot and then click on next

vi. fill it like this and click next

vii. then click on next

viii. add silent switch that you find with ''Universal Silent Switch Finder''
Silent switch is ''/S'' and add in install arguments and click on next button

ix. then click on next button ''no changes here''
x. then click on build button to build silent vlc player

xi. Click on exit, Done :)
your silent software or file is created, find it in output folder
download neede software below!

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