Direct Fast INI in memory for AutoIT


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Mar 4, 2020
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(Because I was asked to share my works here, I share it here.)

The idea to create this library came because AutoIT ini functions operates on ini file (which is slow), it means that the AutoIT ini functions read and write the ini file in every change.

At program starts first you need to load the ini file into memory, and save the config ini before program closes itself, or when the user close configuration options.
Save the ini file in every change does not bring desired effects, especially on slow HDDs and slow USB storage.

Also, please check the examples I have prepared. They should shows how it works, what the possibilities are and how fast is the ini memory library.
All functions and their result codes are described in a file named Functions_list.txt.

I set this project as pre-release, because lack of the time to deep test all of the functions.

So if you find a bug, please report it to me with details where this bug appears, that I can repeat it and find.
The best will be, if you share with me the program, or script you are working on. Thanks!

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