Direct Comic Life 3.5.17


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Key benefits of using comics in education:
A great visual Representation of Knowledge
Presents what is essential
Easier to remember a visual graphic containing key information
Engaging through thinking, creating and writing.
Perfect avenue for writing dialogue
Incites students with low interest in writing
Helps organization through storytelling and storyboarding
Using visual images convey meaning to a story or topic
Develops creative and higher level thought processes
Develops composition techniques through visual-verbal connections
Enriches reading, writing, and thinking
Serves as and assessment and evaluation tool
Sequencing promotes understanding

New Features:
Introduces full template support.
Meaning you get a great head start on your projects!
Spell checker support.
Make sure those tricky words are spelled correctly with the intergrated spell checker!
PDF exports
Now you can easily export to the popular PDF format!
Advanced balloon control.
Raises your comics to the next level
Advanced text flow
for precision layout
Predefined and freeform shapes
for more creative expression
Enhanced user interface that preserves ease of use
while providing quick access to more advanced features
More comic fonts and panel layouts are included
for more customization and fun
Improved page numbering system
for easy placement and defining starting number