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cFosSpeed is an internet traffic shaping utility for Windows-based PC that closely monitors and optimizes the bandwidth usage and performs traffic shaping to reduces ping to speed up the internet connection no matter user connection type. It optimizes active network traffics but also increases throughput and maintains a high relationship even during phases of intensive downloads. cFosSpeed allows managing the priorities of every Internet connection, putting a user in complete control over the importance of simultaneously running processes. The primary goal of the application is to deliver the maximum possible speed while keeping the ping to minimum values.

cFosSpeed uses technology to control the internal bandwidth and works by separation of different services used on PC. It is a packet filtering program used for managing incoming and outgoing data streams to improve internet latency and overall connection speed. It analyzes data in real-time and sets priorities on data packets, protocols, and essential programs from the rest of Internet traffic.

The software comprises many intelligent features that keep the Internet at speed even-though users already have started generating heavy traffic over the line, enhance the ping latencies for the gamer, and cut down issues regarding audio/video streaming. The technology behind these benefits relies on the `Traffic Shaping` that adds an RWIN expansion to the standard Windows RCP Auto-Tuning and the `Prioritization` which automatically sets specific applications such as Web browsers, games, or VoIP to the higher priority than both ordinary or file-sharing download and upload operations.

The program features are a firewall, data volume configuration, displays online time, and also offers a network monitoring utility.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8.1 & 10.

1. run setup and select standard install or unpack portable...

2. enjoy!







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