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Boris FX Continuum Complete

Boris FX Continuum is a collection of the best plugins for movie editing software that the best movie and movie artists and editors use in their work. These powerful plugins with numerous effects and software solutions help you with your post-processing work and save you a lot of time. This set contains 250 professional effects and over 4000 ready-made effects that meet the needs of any project.

The Boris FX Continuum suite has numerous plug-ins with extensive functionality and features, some of which we will review in turn. The Title Studio plugin included in this series is one of the most widely used extensions in the film industry that allows you to create two-dimensional and 3D titles. You can use artistic styling, crystal and sharp effects, color correction, and image editing to change the lighting and film modes. It is also capable of providing users with a professional Key and adding particles, transitions, and textures to the fuselage.
Features and features of the Boris FX Continuum plugin suite

Has 250 professional effects and 4000 priests
Ability to build 2D and 3D headlines
Add a variety of art styles
Add depth of field and crystal
Change the color and appearance of images
Smart Key feature and professional compositions
Lighting and adding effect particles
Add textures and transitions
Perspective correction

Required system

OS Requirements:
Windows: Windows 7 or higher

Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores

Memory: 8 GB or more

Disk: High-speed disk array or SSD storage

Graphics Card: Most modern graphics cards from ATI, Nvidia and Intel are supported.
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