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Aescripts BRAW Studio v2.4.0 for After Effects (WIN)

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Adobe CC (After Effects, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder) native Blackmagic RAW (.braw) importer, with advanced Premiere Pro features in our BRAW Studio Panel as well as customizable RAW Settings with our Layer Settings After Effects filter.​

- The missing piece in your Blackmagic workflow
- Adobe Premiere Pro : Import and edit your .BRAW footages directly and natively with BRAW Studio !
- BRAW Studio Panel will also help your daily workflow with awesome features such as : Source Settings Panel, Sequence .XML Export, Timecode correction etc.
- Adobe Media Encoder : re-encode and create proxies for your .braw
- Adobe After Effects : import your .BRAW and access all RAW params directly in AE interface and see the grading in live with our BRAW Studio Layer Settings filter
- BRAW Studio doesn't import .dng files

Fully featured
- Access the same RAW color parameters from DaVinci Resolve and Load / Save them thanks to .sidecar files. Using the official Blackmagic Color Science and Blackmagic RAW SDK
- Brand new Source Settings Panel to modify your RAW params in a docked panel, compatible with batch operations on your selection of .BRAW clips !
- Premiere Pro Panel to import your .braw metadata in the Project Panel, fix timecodes
- Custom A/B to quickly compare your different RAW Parameters set
- 20 Global Presets to store your RAW Params accross Projects and Premiere Pro / After Effects

Constantly updated
- BRAW Studio is constantly updated with Blackmagic latest features : new cameras supported (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K, URSA Mini Pro G2), new RAW params added (color spaces, gammas, highlight recovery, embedded LUT), bug fixes, new features etc.
- Our latest update includes a brand new Source Settings Panel, try it out !
- All updates for the same versionare free ! See our Changelog. You can update the same way you installed BRAW Studio.

2.4.0 (Current version) - Mar 28, 2021
* BRAW 2.0 :
- Support for new cameras URSA Mini Pro 12K and BMPCC 6K Pro cameras, latest Camera Firmware (e.g. v6.9.4+ on URSA Mini Pro G1 and G2) and Nikon Z 6II / Z 7II .BRAW clips captured by Blackmagic Video Assist
- Support for Dual Card Recording, it will produce a separate .braw2 file with half of the frames. If this file is missing the imported main .braw file will only report half the framerate you recorded
- Color Science Version 5 available for all .BRAW. Note : in this new Gen5, the curve is fixed so ISO and Exposure have the same effect, Now we have a new Param for Color Science in BRAW Settings because before there was only Version 4
- New Param in BRAW Settings : "Use Gamut Compression" checkbox will protect your extreme highlights, in the PrPro Panel it is next to the Color Space (Gamut) choice. WARNING : this Param is in BETA ! Do not use if not really needed, until BRAW 2.1 is out and BRAW Studio updated. Disable this if automatically enabled.
- New Color Spaces (Gamuts) : Alexa Wide Gamut, DaVinci Wide Gamut
- New Gammas : Log C, DaVinci Intermediate
- Bug fix : incorrect resolution for 2.8K footage (for example it was 2868x1512 instead of 2864x1512), Don't forget to change your sequences with this new correct resolution !
- Note 1 : URSA 12K frames are huge, in PrPro we recommend using Playback and Paused Resolution at 1/4, in AEfx please use our Layer Settings with GPU acceleration (Metal / CUDA / OpenCL) enabled in the Settings
- Note 2 : for all recent .BRAW (URSA 12K, BMPCC 6K Pro, recent firmware), Camera Metadata default values are Color Science at V5 and "Use Gamut Compression" enabled. We recommend turning off the latter, unless you really need it.
* .sidecar and .braw2 (from Dual Card recording) files will be copied when using AEfx "Collect Files" and PrPro "Collect and Copy" from the Project Manager, on PrPro only for filepath with Latin-1 characters.

• Run self extract then run the program from folder

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