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As Adobe ® the Flash ® Player Get a lightweight browser plug-in and runtime advanced web applications (RIA), which provides a complete and easy interaction, stunning audio and video playback, as well as the incredible performance of web games.

Runtimes Allinone Adobe is a collection of applications from Adobe needed to play in the browser window of video clips, interactive of 3D-graphics, flash animations, presentations, online games.

Adobe Standalone Flash Player - a single player from Adobe to play swf files.

It includes current versions of:
• Adobe Flash ActiveX Plugin
• Adobe Flash NPAPI Plugin
• Adobe Flash PPAPI Plugin
• Adobe Shockwave Player
• Macromedia Authorware Web Player
• Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

• Adobe Standalone Flash Player

The Flash an ActiveX the Plugin as Adobe: as Adobe the Flash an NPAPI the Plugin: as Adobe the Flash PPAPI the Plugin: as Adobe Shockwave Player Get: 9.4.2019 as Adobe stopped supporting Shockwave of Macromedia Authorware Player Get the Web: 2004.0.0.73 as Adobe Integrated Runtime (the AIR): as Adobe the Flash the Standalone P of layer: as Adobe the Flash Uninslaller

Archive size: 56 MB

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