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Pdf/Epub Adele



epub | 472.82 KB | English | 9781781997406 | Nicola Cassidy

: Adele and Fred Astaire dazzled 1920s London and Broadway. The brother and sister dancing duo were mobbed wherever they went. At the height of their celebrity, Adele shocked the world of showbusiness by retiring and marrying into British Aristocracy. Settled into her new home with Lord Cavendish at Lismore Castle in Ireland, Adele dreamed of a family and domestic bliss. But it wasn't to be.

In this bio-fictional account, Adele Astaire's tragic story is recounted, from the loss of her children and the sad and premature death of her husband to her jealousy of Ginger Rogers and her stoic and fierce loyalty for her brother, Fred Astaire. Adele's story is one of glitz and glamour, of love and loss, of family loyalty and talent. She remains one of the most gregarious and charismatic characters ever to settle on Ireland's shores.

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