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Acon Digital DeFilter 1.1.4

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DeFilter is an efficient tool to even out tonal imbalances in a recording or reduce resonant peaks or dips in the frequency spectrum. Even severe issues such as comb filter effects or standing waves from untreated rooms can be addressed. DeFilter can match recordings to target profiles such as music or speech, or alternatively extract the overall timbre from the source – the large strokes – while evening out narrow peaks and dips. The latter removes resonances and comb filter effects effectively while preserving the tonal character of the input signal. Recordings can also be equalized to match a reference recording.​

Great care has been taken to provide a user interface that is straightforward to use. Frequency dependent correction levels can be defined using custom curves, so that DeFilter can focus on problematic frequency ranges while leaving other frequency regions untouched. Realtime spectrum analyzers for both the input and output signals visualize the effect on the frequency spectrum.

Use Cases
Fix issues in a mix prior to mastering
Reduce resonances caused by untreated room acoustics
Matched equalization (automatic equalization based on a reference signal)
Improve clarity and intelligibility of speech
Instant fix for nasty comb filter effects

Platforms and Plugin Formats
Available as VST, VST3 or AAX plug-in on PC (Windows)
The Windows is available as native 32 bit or 64 bit versions and the Mac version is 64 bit
Supports sampling rates up to 96 kHz
Supports surround and immersive multi-channel audio up to 7.1.6 channels

Automatically estimates correction filter that evens out the frequency spectrum
Removes resonances and comb filter effects
Predefined target profiles include music, speech and an automatic mode that extracts timbre from the input signal
Correction filters can be saved and used as a reference for matched equalization
Adjustable length of the correction filter from 1 to 20 milliseconds
Frequency spectrum representation of the of the following signals:
Correction filter
Input signal
Output signal
Frequency emphasis filter for the the level of correction

• Run self extract then run the program from folder

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