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Today Microsoft stops supporting Windows 10 Mobile. Smartphones no longer appear with the operating system for quite some time.

Windows Mobile 10
The cancellation was already announced early this year. This means that from December 10 there will be no more security updates and that newly discovered bugs will no longer be addressed. Microsoft itself indicates that external parties may still do so for a fee, but advises users to switch to Android or iOS.

Devices on Windows 10 Mobile (The successor to Windows Phone) will continue to work as normal. But gradually the devices become more vulnerable to hackers, for example. Similar to the termination of support for Windows XP for PCs a few years ago.

The current market share of Windows 10 Mobile is very limited. According to Statcounter, today it concerns 0.15 percent of the mobile market. For comparison: Android is currently at 75.82 percent. iOS at 22.9 percent.

Remarkably, Microsoft is just now announcing that the Office apps for Windows 10 Mobile will no longer receive support by January 12, 2021. This includes technical support, bugs and security issues that are no longer addressed. If you use Office on a Windows Phone, you will no longer receive support on the device, but will still receive support on the Office apps.


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