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Godmode is an extensive configuration panel in Windows 10, godmode is better known as Windows Master Control Panel. Godmode was a joke that various techies have given the Windows Master Control Panel.Godmode is a control panel for IT technicians, it opens all system settings from Windows 10 in one screen. Users without too much knowledge of Windows 10 can also cause damage to the OS, so some knowledge is required. Turning on Godmode in Windows 10 does nothing at all, so it only opens extensive system settings.

However, Godmode is just a name. You can specify any desired name. In this instruction I will show you how to activate Godmode in Windows 10.

Turn on Godmode in Windows 10
It is important that you have administrator rights in Windows 10, a normal user account without administrator privileges cannot turn on Godmode in Windows 10.

Right-click in the Windows Desktop, select from the menu: New> Folder.

windows 10 godmode new folder

Give the new folder the following name: GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
You can replace GodMode with any name, don’t forget the dot after GodMode.

create windows 10 godmode folder

An icon will appear that looks like the control panel. Open the just created Godmode shortcut. You now see a list of all settings in Windows 10.
Good luck!

windows 10 godmode


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