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For more than a year, Microsoft has been warning Windows 7 users that from January 14, 2020, their systems will no longer receive free security updates. For those who continue to use the OS after that date, it will not go unnoticed.

Microsoft will bombard stubborn Windows 7 users from January 15, 2020 with a full-screen pop-up that warns them about the end of support and the risks that this entails, ZDNet reports. In addition, it will be advised to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10.

Those who will see the warning soon have three options: postpone the reminder, click through for more information, or click the reminder away and ignore it.

For several months, Microsoft has been showing periodic warnings to Windows 7 users about the impending end of support. The notifications are presented on Windows 7 Home and Pro systems, unless the machine is part of a domain or in kiosk mode.

Windows 7 still popular
Windows 7 is still the second most popular PC operating system today and currently has a market share of around 15 percent in Belgium . Those PCs are not immediately unsafe to use from January 14, 2020, but with the absence of security updates, the risk does increase over time.

Earlier we already listed four ways to continue using Windows 7 even after the end of support . One option is more sensible than the other. Yet we can only emphasize that upgrading is always a good idea when possible.

Do you still have to get rid of Windows 7? Then be sure to read our upgrade guide in which we explain what you need to know for an upgrade .

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